New Energy Connections is a business intelligence and consulting firm specialized in the key sectors of the Mexican economy. Our deep industry, country and functional expertise allows us to get to real issues in Mexican oil and gas, renewable energy, green technology and mining industries, and provide the reliable industry intelligence and services that are crucial to capitalize on emerging opportunities in one of the world’s attractive economies. By accelerating the exchange of essential industry information and connecting key stakeholders across the Mexican and international business communities, we are committed to driving the development of Mexico’s main industries.

Mexico Oil & Gas Review contains everything you need to know about the Mexican oil and gas industry. This annual publication, available in print, iPad and online editions, gets to the heart of the issues surrounding the hydrocarbons sector in Mexico, examining in detail the role of Pemex, the government and the private sector in shaping both targets and results in the oil and gas industry, looking at the biggest challenges currently facing the country in terms of regulation, technology and policy, and matching Mexico’s main operational challenges with international best practices and proven technologies.

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Mexico Mining Review is dedicated to accelerating the exchange of essential industry information that will drive the mining industry’s development by connecting key stakeholders across the Mexican and international mining community. Through a mix of articles, interviews, project features, technology spotlights, it presents the industry's operating framework and provides an overview of the key developments at Mexico’s main operating mines and exploration and development projects through the eyes of the leading mining operators, exploration companies and suppliers and service providers.

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Mexico Energy & Sustainability Review provides a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of Mexico’s energy sector and sustainable development achievements and ambitions. It features energy and sustainability profiles of each Mexican state, presenting their energy strategy and the pathways to reach the targets set in the country’s climate law, and analyzes the role of the private sector in Mexico’s green development through the analysis of innovative business models, international best practices and broad range of green technologies, as well as effective frameworks to boost investment, innovation and technology development.

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Acquisition and management of information plays a vital role in the success of companies by creating a competitive advantage. Okapi Intelligence supports its clients in identifying the intelligence assets that empower executives to make the right decisions when shaping the strategic direction of their organization. Moreover, as a premier generator of industry intelligence for the oil and gas, energy, green technology, and mining industries, it is uniquely positioned to deliver the industry intelligence that enables our clients to enhance the effectiveness of their business strategies in Mexico.

On a daily basis, our team works with the key players in Mexico’s main industries. We are putting our comprehensive industry knowledge and network to work to enable Mexican and international companies to capitalize on business opportunities in Mexico by providing customized market intelligence, assessment of business opportunities, identification of potential partners and clients, and legal advice. This enables our clients not only to identify the most attractive opportunities, but also to minimize risk and optimize performance while initiating or expanding their business in Mexico.

Already the 14th largest economy in the world, Mexico last year overtook Brazil as the fastest growing major economy in Latin America, 3.9% to 2.7%, and is forecasted to realize 3.5% economic growth in 2012. Mexico not only has manageable debt, low inflation, macroeconomic stability, a unique strategic geographic position, favorable demographics and a growing middle class, and a highly educated workforce commanding a wage only 10% higher than China, the country also holds vast hydrocarbon, renewable energy and mineral resources. Todays, Mexico is one of the world’s best places to invest.